Help reviewing arduino board options for project

Im making a project for which i need a microcontroller, and it has some very specific requirements:

  • space-constrained
  • relatively low cost
  • must be capable of running on 3.3v
  • needs at least a 9dof IMU
  • must be capable of slave i2c connection
  • ARM board
    (i wanna be able to copy and paste my c++ code, as there's too much for me to remake without the standard libraries. I suppose this would also mean a decent storage size too)

At first, i was going to use an offboard IMU and boost converter to expand my options, but after finding the low-cost arduino nano 33 ble which fits most of these requirements, i could bump them up a bit.

While this seems like what ill want for my project, id rather know of any better suited options now than learn about them later after i impulsively bought this

On the OTHER hand...

if there's something i should KNOW about this board which may deter me from buying it and bring up complications later on

please let me know.
Thank you.

Start by making a schematic of what you invesion, for the micro use a box, that is about the last thing you need to decide on. Add all your sensors, other inputs and outputs. Once you get all of this finished you know what inputs and outputs you need. At that point look for your micro. What is "needs at least a 9dof IMU" (9dof IMU) that is a new term for me.

Sorry, but I don't think you have provided anything like enough or the right information in order for anyone to offer meaningful help.


Meaningless. How much space is available?

relatively low cost

Meaningless. Relative to what? What is your budget?

needs at least a 9dof IMU

Explain what that means.


I think a competitor to the Nano 33 is the Seeeduino Xiao, if it has enough pins for your project. However, I found it lacked a number of features such as

  1. external AREF
    3.difficult to rig a reset button
  3. lost contact with the Arduino IDE once in a while

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