[HELP] - RFM69 Interrupt

Hello all! I'm studying with RFM69 of Hoperf and I have a question. I hope that anyone used to spend it can help me.

  • I'm using DI0 pin connect to interrupt (rising edge) in MCU
  • In Tx mode, the device transmit data and generate a interrupt in DI0 and Packetsend flags in Register Flag 2 was set (I think that transmission successful). Then I set device to Mode Rx.
  • In Rx mode, I don't receive any interrupt in DI0 when I transmit data of another module.

My question: How I can get data in Rx Mode, I follow datasheed but I'm not sure I make it right.

Any answer makes me appreciate. Tks all!

it sounds as though you might be struggling with getting the right connections
RFM69 V Arduino
Reset No connection
DIO0 D2 (INT0 pin)
DIO 1-5 No connection
3.3V 3.3V on uno (don’t forget to de-couple with 0.1uF)

NC Gnd
NSS D10 this is select to RFM69
Gnd Gnd
ANA Antenna
Gnd Gnd

Pins SCK, MOSI and NSS pins should be connected to uno with 4.7K resistor and 10K to ground this is to level shift from 5V uno pins to 3.3V RFM69

you should be using:
if (radio.receiveDone() ) to detect reception like the following

if ( radio.receiveDone ) {
uint8_t source, target, rssi;
String messageR;

source = radio.SENDERID; // where the received data came from
target = radio.TARGETID; // the node the transmit was sent to
rssi = radio.RSSI; // signal strength
messageR = “”; // get the message in messageR
for (uint8_t i=0; i<radio.DATALEN; i++) {
messageR += char(radio.DATA*);*

  • }*
  • if (radio.ACK_REQUESTED ) {*
  • radio.sendAck();*
  • }*
  • }*
  • // you can Serial.println the data here AFTER sendAck*
  • // it is important to send ack as soon as possible*
    hope this helps you get going, it can be confusing at the start