Help (sample programs) neded for ATtiny

Hi guys,
I might need a little help with programming Arduino ATtiny board (to be used as interface between PC and Spectrum analyser).

Basically, there are couple of basic functionalities I need to implement, and I would appreciate any form of help from someone who has played with this tiny bugger in terms of ADC, timing, communication.. any sample program that can illustrate the below mentioned funcionalities would be fine, I just need a kick-start :slight_smile:

The functionalities I will need for this project are as follows:

  1. Communication with ATTiny via USB bridge
  2. Timer, programmable via USB/serial command
  3. 2 ADC inputs (scan and video inputs)
  4. One digital output (to trigger the Spectrum analyser scan)

Basically, processor should:

  1. multiple trigger the SA scan (via digital output) and read the input, at predetermined intervals.
  2. output the pairs of values (scan position, value) to USB port, for capturing by PC for further processing (averaging, scalling, calibration etc.).

Thank you in advance!

There are ATTiny projects here, all using V-USB.

MIT shows how to program the chips in the Low High Tech pages but I didn't see project code.

Did you get the datasheet from ATMEL?

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Yes, data sheet is here:

I note that the 8 pin Tiny's have more features than pins!
I would have to pick between SPI and ADC for example.