Help seeed bluetooth shield

I recently just purchased the Seeed bluetooth shield from Radioshack ( am using Arduino UNO R3 . I spent three days trying to figure out how to use it but I'm so lost could someone please help me? it would be much appreciated.

I've not used that thing. Did you find a users manual for it somewheres?

yeah i found this but it didn't really help me

First off, you should probably close this thread out, and start another one over in the "Networking, Protocols, and Devices" section. That's the more appropriate section, and there are people over there who are very familiar with this stuff.

Then, give the same link as here, and mention where you got to in the setup procedure. It just goes step by step by step. The first thing is you needed to do was download the libraries shown, and install them in your Arduino IDE libraries subdirectory.

Also, state what BT device you are using on the other end. Also, state what experience you have in getting other Arduino sketches to work.

And don't feel bad - I have years of experience with this kind of stuff, and am totally stymied with trying to get a couple of JeeNodes to work. Completely dead in the water on this.

ok thank you for viewing this thread and trying to help me . i will close this and move it to networking . but im kinda new to arduino forums how do i close this XD

I'm not sure, just start a new one over there, and use a slightly difference subject name, and add the items I mentioned.