Help: Send Messages to Client with ESP8266's

So, im making something where there are two esp’s, one an access point and the other a client, and your computer is supposed to join the esp network. The goal of this being to send both esp’s information to the computer. Since I cant figure out how to do client to client communication, I have decided to send the client esp’s information to the access point esp, and have that send information to the computer on behalf of the other esp. I want the information to be sent to the computer, but since I dont know how to single out the computer, and doing so may take too much time, I have decided to send the message to all clients. Im on a script made by the I2cdev library where I use FIFO stuff, essentially my code cant take too long or else it will get jammed up and overflow. Im using code in c# on my computer in unity to pick up the data. The way ive been doing it is making a list of all clients and sending to each one using client.println(), since my c# code is able to pick this up. Yet when I added the feature of sending the other esp’s information it took too long and overflowed. The main culprit being the messaging system. I found a quick enough solution in the docs where I could do server.println() to send to all clients, yet my c# code cant pick this up. So i need to find a way to get c# to recognize server.println() so my code can go through. The code for my access point esp is attatched, with the function msgAllClients() being the overflow culprit, along with the c# code to recieve in unity. I felt as thogh the right controller is not needed but I can add if requested because maybe one of my assumptions was wrong, like how client to client communication may be possible. Any help is appreciated, and thank you guys so much! =)

LeftControllerV1.ino (12.1 KB) (1.54 KB)