Help setting up an XBee mesh network for DIO


I'm new to xbee, but I know the basics. I'm working on what I thought was a simple concept project for a mesh network. The idea is to read the status of a digital input at the base, send it through a router, and on to the end device that will turn an LED on and off.

To clarify there are three XBee radios: A, B and, C. I want to take the reading of a digital input on A, send it through B, and turn an LED on and off at C. (relative to the input on A, which I can toggle with a switch)

Configuration I have tried:

Module A ID=1234 MY=1234 DL=3456 IR=14 IT=5 BD=3 IU=1 D0=3

Module B ID=1234 MY=3456 DL=5678 BD=3 CE=1

Module C ID=1234 MY=5678 DL=1234 BD=3 IA=1234 D0=4

I was able to do digital line passing with just 2 modules, but putting a relay module in between them has me stuck. I am using series 1 modules. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Series 1 XBees don't do mesh networking.

Hmm... is there any way to do this with the series 1 XBees? Just a line of 3 - I have done something similar with XCTU, just sending a character through 3 and a loopback so everything I type is doubled in the terminal.


I'd have to be convinced that the scenario you describe actually involved mesh networking, but here is a longer answer.

Out of the box, S1 modules do not have mesh networking capability according to Digi:

It may be possible to use Digi's proprietary DigiMesh 2.4 firmware on S1 modules:

I'm not remembering anyone here on the forum working with DigiMesh 2.4, but I may well have missed it or ignored it, so I'd spend some time searching. As ever, GIYF.

Shnick: Have you made any progress? I am attempting do something similar to your Design. Take a look at my post:

Jack Christensen: I have successfully upgraded the firmware of my XBee S1 to DigiMesh XB24-DM.