help: SI4432 incompatibilities?

I have two different "versions" of Si4432 based transceiver modules that I am using via SPI (see Si4432 - ElectroDragon) / RH22 lib (I am currently using the default settings). The modules are pin compatible, e.g. I can plug one or the other into my circuit board and use it without making any software changes (and it works - except for the below issue).

I made the following observation that I would like to find an explanation (and possibly a solution) for:

All the transceivers are based on the Si4432 chip and they do work (i.e. my circuit is functional) but for some reason the transceiver modules do only communicate with other modules of the same version but they do NOT communicate with modules of the respective "other" version (eventhough the RH22 configuration is exactly the same).

Any ideas what might be the cause for this behavior and if there is anything that can be done to make the different versions talk to each other (maybe on the level of RH22 settings)?