help: simple arduino midi controler

hi all!

i'm trying to build this project here: Simple Arduino Midi Controler | Starfire's Tech Blog

but i'm getting nothing, i did the exact conetions and copy pasted the code.(do i have to write anything more on the code?)

-i'm using a duemillanove board.
-i only conneted one pot, just for testing.
-i'm using a edirol um-1x midi to usb converter

the goal is to interface it with ableton live.

any ideas what's going on?


You have probably wired up the MIDI socket the wrong way round. Try swapping over pins 5 & 4 and disconnect pin 2, it is not needed and can lead to problems.


thanks for the reply

i swapped the cables, and the midi converter and ableton live started to reconize something, but i cant do nothing with that signal. looks like a "allways 5V signal" if you know what i mean. i maybe i had the cables right? looks so simple and i cant get it to work....

So put a MIDI scope on your PC and see what is coming out.

it looks so simple

It is. However it in not a proper MIDI interface is is a cod one. It will not meet the MIDI spec and so might not work with all devices.
If you want to know how it is really done then see my MIDI projects:-
Starting with

really nice project in did

well it's an old midi interface, thats probably it... :-/

do you think i'll get good results from a serial to midi converter? or it will be just a wast of time? only need to wire 4 pot.

thanks again for your fast replys

i searched google for a midi scope... but found nothing. any advice on one?