[Help] Simply sampler

Hello Arduiners ! Last time I decided to make very simply sampler.
And here I’ve got problem with libraries. I don’t know which one I should use.
Here is my idea for code, and yes im new into Arduino :stuck_out_tongue:

#include <idk.h> // what i should select to playback sounds?
#include <SD.h> // reading samples from sd card but idk how to use it                    

const int pad1 = 1; //button 1
const int pad2 = 2; //button 2
const int led = 13; //led 
int buttonState = 0; //i don't understand this part, just based on Button example

void setup(){

pinMode(pad1, INPUT);
pinMode(pad2, INPUT);
pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

something to read sd card; //xD

void loop() { 
buttonState = digitalRead(pad1);

    if(buttonState == HIGH) { 
    play(sound.wav); //it's only my imagination xD
    else(buttonState = :LOW) {
    stop.play(sound.wav); //same xD    
buttonState = digitalRead(pad2);

    if(buttonState == HIGH) { 
    else(buttonState = :LOW) {

I know there should be audio output but i need learn it, i think it isn’t hard.
What do you think?

What do you think?

I think (in fact, I know) that the code won't even compile. What do you think play() is supposed to do? What hardware is it interacting with? The Arduino, by itself, can not play music. You need a wave shield, or some other external hardware, that can play music.

   else(buttonState = :LOW)Wrong

I saw few projects that played sound using arduino that plays sounds like this http://maxoffsky.com/maxoffsky-blog/how-to-play-wav-audio-files-with-arduino-uno-and-microsd-card/
I can see it’s possible. This sounds will be less than 1 sec long and not highes quality.
My code is only idea how it should work (i know it looks other but im looking for library that will help me with it).
My bad it should look like this

else(buttonState == LOW)


My bad it should look like this


else if(buttonState == LOW)

On the other hand, if it isn’t HIGH, it must be LOW, so the statement could simply be:


ummmm... So how I should start ? Maybe you know any useful links that will help me learning programming and will help me with project ?