Help - SMD temperature sensor


I am using in a project a LM60 temperature sensor in a SOT-23 package.

This is cheap, small, easy to use sensor but it has a maximum error of +/-4º Celsius.

So my question is:

Do you know any other cheap, small, easy to use sensor in an SMD package with an error less than +/-1º Celsius?


Analog or digital output? You are going to have a hard time using such a high accuracy sensor if you are using analogRead, as it is only 10 bit (really more like 8.5 ENOB).

Here are some from TI's website, culled to +-1C, surface mount, digital output:;1&p2954=SOIC;SOT-23;SOT;SSOP&o7=Digital Output&p158=SPI;I2C&p1130=0.17;1.69