[HELP] Step down voltage regulator


I'm having a hard time to make a schematic so I can buy the components for a step down voltage regulator. So this is my project:

Input voltage between 9v and 30v and I want to use 3 separate voltage regulators to get 3 separate voltages outputs: 5v , 3.7v and 3.3v but all of them I want at least 1A also of output current.

Can anyone recommend me any step down voltages regulators and some schematic example if possible?


Google told me this (besides many other pages): Pololu - Step-Down Voltage Regulators

Thank you, but none of those are to 3.7v with at least 1A. That is the one I can never find . Also it needs to be a board , I can find 24v to 3.7v but they are in a small black box.

Google for:
"DC-DC Buck Converter Module LM2596 Constant Current & Voltage Adjustable Module"

and this will present the device you are looking for.
Some come with addt'l adjustable current, some only with adjustable voltage.

But they have an input range of about 7V - 35V and an adjustable output range of 1,25V - 30V at 3A.
So those might fit your requirements. For the 5V and 3.3V you will find buck converters with those voltages fixed, for 3.7V I don't know if those exist at all.

But with the adjustable devices you are in the game anyway.