HELP Stepper Motor 28BYJ-48

Hi ! :) I have a little problem with programming a stepper motor to do what I want. I tried to get a code up running but it wont work... I use the stepper motor 28BYJ-48 with the ULN2003 driver board.

What i want it to do.

When I press a button i want the stepper to go ** rounds clockwise, and if I press another button the stepper motor goes ** round counterclockwise.

I have no problem understanding the stepper motor because i work with them nearly every day. But I have a problem getting a program to work.

Can someone help me ? Or do someone know of a similar program ? I have to be able to change the ** rounds on the stepper in the Arduino program.

Thank you ! :) :)

I tried to get a code up running but it wont work...

Let's see it, and describe what you mean by "won't work". A clear description or diagram of your circuit would help too.

This might be a problem with the motor or the driver, however I do remember when I set mine up it took me a while to find functioning code, can't remember from where though sorry. I do know that it is on instructables.