help stepper motor driving transistors getting hot:(

I have connected a bipolar stepper motor up to a single H bridge that only drives the stepper one click forward and one click back. When I switch it on the stepper doesn't move until I help it then the transistors get extremely hot. If I stop helping the stepper move then it just stops. It's a small printer stepper motor. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I only built one H bridge cause I don't have enough transistors to make two. So I figured I'll just drive it forward and back

I am using bc327's and bc547's. What's funny is if I connect a normal dc motor it turns and then changes direction as expected. The transistors also don't get hot but if I put the motor under load they get very hot!! I'm using a 12v battery to drive the motor

The current when the stepper motor is on is 350mA. Why does the transistors get hot with this current? Can they not handle 600mA?

BC547 Collector current 100ma

Oops. Thanx

Oops. Thanx

You know there's a special place in hell for people who don't read datasheets.... XD