Help struggling

hi all I'm really struggling to figure out how to code is there a good video or standalone program that helps? I want to control a stepper motors direction using a motor shield and 2 buttons

cheers Lucas

what motorshield? link to the datasheet?

the way to go is
keywords "Arduino" your words of interest

coding needs a bit more work and knowledge than just
"can somebody post the cheatcode for entering platinum-level?"

best regards Stefan

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Before start of coding you may study the IPO model and design a program structure using a piece of paper and a pen.
You could devide the project in subparts to be coded and tested separately.
Have a nice day and enjoy coding in C++.

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thanks Stefan. its a Adafruit copy, i know there's no shortcut but Ive tried to teach myself but now I'm stuck and looking foe help.

thanks Paul

cheers Lucas

The examples found wih google will help to get a first approach. You should give it a try.
The highest probablitity to receive answers quick is to post your attempt how the code might be written and asking specific questions.

The code might even not compile. This doesn't matter. The main essence is own attempt specific questions

In case of a compiler-error this is just another kind of question like

"what does this compiler-error mean?"

Or maybe "what is the important part of a compiler error-message that I should use for quoogling to find helping information?"

The really sexy thing about this kind of questions is: The tone of voice that resonates between the lines is "give me a small piece of information so I can help myself"

best regards Stefan

In my experience, adafruit have the most amazing tutorials. I don't think I've ever tried to use an adafruit product that didn't have a tut to get me going. Are you sure there isn't an adafruit tut for what you have? (Assuming your copy is close enough to the real thing for the real tut to be applicable)

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