Help tft 2.4, and nextion gui generator

hi , i have some problem , that i dont understand , can i use a regular tft 2.4 shield for uno, whit nextion program to do an gui friendly for arduino mega? the point is that im made a work station for a indoor garden ,that show info for dht22 and yl-69, and i wont to show all data in a friendly graph but only get it simply println or print, and if i use and arduino mega it more dificult because adafruit library dont work whit mega, need ohter library named mcufriend, but i cant use the touch or sd card in the shield, hope us understand , im a spanishspecker so my ing it poor sorry and thx

To help communicate you can type your questions and replies in Google Translate and have it translate them for us. This is not a criticism, just advise.

As I understand it you need a library to allow you to use the 2.4 Uno screen shield with a Mega?

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Sorry, I should have used the translator from the beginning, I try not to use it to learn my English better, I have two problems essentially, 1: when using an arduino uno tft shield on an arduino mega it does not work correctly with the adafruit library, it I solved with the mcufriend library, but not entirely because I cannot read or write data inside the sd card that is included in the shield, as well as the touch.
2 // the second thing that gets complicated is to build a friendly graphical environment to show the data in the shield, I was using the nextion program but from what I was able to make it work it only works with the displays of the same manufacturer, nextion, which I wanted to know if there is any other generator such as nextion or if I can modify the code provided by nextion to be able to make it generic for all my tft. I hope now it is better written and it is understood thank you very much and excuse me

Much better. It is not a criticism of your English, you do you. The fact that any of us can speak different languages is a miracle in my eyes.

Some here may know of the best library and GUI maker, but might I suggest that you start by looking for a video of someone demonstrating a GUI on that screen using a mega. You can probably follow it back from there to find how they made the GUI and what library they used to connect the screen to the Mega.

I do not feel that you are criticizing my English on the contrary, I take the opportunity to do things better than it is a bit I throw myself down with my English, I do it to be aware that I have to improve. I have already seen many videos and most of them use another tft, specifically from the nextion brand, and my shield is generic ... and with respect to the libraries, I am actively looking for solutions in the touch and sd libraries. looking for some pin declaration problem, because so far I have not been able to find a video of someone using arduino mega with a shield tft echo for arduino uno, and that the touch works for him, everything I found showing graphics, I texts, but no touch, and that part managed to execute correctly

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