Help to Arduino project

We need help to complete our ARDUION project. For a school project we wish to combine project 03 and project 06 from The ARDUIONE starter kit.
What we are attempting to do is turning the lamps on depending on how close our hand is to the photoresistor :slight_smile: The closer the hand is, the more lamps will be turned on :wink:

Will someone please help us with the programming? :smiley:

A photo resistor is not a proximity detector

I half agree with @AWOL.

As an obstacle (such as a hand) gets closer to a photo-resistor the light level should decrease and that change could be used to trigger something. The colour of the hand and the overall ambient light level might cause great variations.

This is one of those cases for "suck it and see" which is so very easy with an Arduino.

Write a short program to print the values from the photo-resistor onto the Serial Monitor and see how they vary with the proximity of your hand.