Help to buy the right battery.


I am working on a project with Arduino UNO + GPS GSM shield (this one GPS_GPRS_GSM_Module_V3.0__SKU_TEL0051_-DFRobot ). I want to get data from temperature sensor and send it via GSM.

The shield especificacion says that i need 6 - 12 v (Power supply: 6-12v). With low power consumption (100mA@7v - GSM mode), but it will only be awaken every half hour (48 times in a day). I think that if the battery is fed by a solar energy, i am able to keep it awaken all the day.

I am not sure wich battery - solar shield is the right way to feed the shield and keep it awaken for long time, the questions are:

Do you know any good battery -solar shield compatible with Arduino with the specification that i need?

Thanks for your time.


To know which battery you need, i'd try to found out how long you need the GSM-module to be on every day.

If it does take 20 secs to send the data you need, it may be possible to power the module for just 16 minutes(48x20) each day. That would use little more as 1% of the power you would use when you would keep it powered all day.

Unfortunately the most common shield is one of seedstudio, which is capable of charging batteries up to 4.2 volts.

You could combine it with a step-up converter (which also uses some energy) to get a higher voltage, but it may be easier to build a charger capable of charging at a higher voltage.

If weight is not a problem the simplest power supply would be a 12v lead-acid battery charged by a solar panel.

Whatever battery you choose the the trick is to ensure that the solar panel can supply enough energy, averaged over a few days, to keep the battery fully charged.


Thanks for the reply, i will try build a battery ...