help to connect arduino to a desk lamp with relay module

Hello to all, it's already from a lot of months that i have become interested to the arduino world (in particular to robotic application), but now i want to explore the domotic's world starting by blinking a common desk lamp on and off. My principal doubt is how to connect the lamp to the relay module. I was inclined to use a module like this:

and i have found also this way to connect the all elements between them:

But i don't understand which lamp wires are connect to the module and where realize 220v connection. I'm searching some guidances to realize this simple (the first, for me) domotic's project. Thanks to all guys.

That array has three screw connections for the 220V. Use the middle and one of the others. One of the others we be default on, and can be turned off, the other is default off and can be turned on. Use that in the same way as using a switch. On wire of 220V is connected to the desk lamp, and the other wire passes through the relay.

Promise to be careful with 220V ? Okay ?

It would be much safer and easier if you used a powerswitchtail because all of the mains wiring is safely contained.

If i have understand, i must not to cut one of the wires of the lamp. I must cut only one wire; i can connect the one that goes to the alimentation at the COM while the other (that goes to the lamp) at NO or NC. Right?

Yes, that is right.