Help to decide which hardware to use to design a leg tracking functionality


I am trying to make a hardware through which I can achieve leg tracking (basically lower body locomotion tracking)
The things I need to track are : If the person is sitting or standing, if the person is moving their legs, angle at which a person have placed their legs at rest etc. Basically any movement in knee joint.

I want to ask if this functionality can be achieved using Arduino and other hardware. I will be developing the software myself as well.

Leave a reply if the question is not clear or if you need anything more to understand and help me in this project.

Thanks and Best Regards

I am sure a MCU can do as you've listed above.

I have a project that my wife and some workout friends use to 'watch' their muscle movements.

I use 2 Myoware sensors placed on the muscle of choice.; lets say the bicep. With a Myoware on each bicep, they do a lift, the Myowear results are recorded in ram, and displayed on a OLED. The goal is to work each muscle so it's close to matching with capability of its counterpart. The data gathered can be sent to a PC where it is stored and looked over.