Help to find examples or tutorials on how to use Google APIs with Bridge Library

Hi everybody!

I'm kind of new to Arduino Yún and I am trying to connect it to internet APIs. The end goal is to manage to read and write google calendar. Yes, I know that this can be done easily with TEMBOO. However, I would like to learn Internet APIs communication. In addition, I think that the service is a bit pricy if you plan to do more than 1000 calls/mo and I don't want to have this limitation.

I wonder if sombody knows about a tutorial on how to implement methods like GET and ask parameters such as "futureevents" using the Bridge Library. The Library reference ( is a great resource but, as a beginner, sometimes I miss some practical examples.

I also think that the "curl" command can also be used to communicate with Internet APIs. Does somebody know where I could find an example applied to Google Calendar or similar.

Thanks a lot!!!

IMHO the best way is to look for python tutorials about using the google apis.