Help to identify wiring.[SOLVED]


I salvaged a stepper motor from an old seagate hard drive, but couldn't get any diagram of wiring.

just a label on it: 52620-001 DC. Seagate. Just found info about it: a 12v seagate stepper. with 6 wires. I could read resistance on it, in the way to find what I supposed 2 phases of a unipolar stepper. So I was lucky ( sort of ) to find 1st phase, wire 1-2-3. 30ohm from 1-2, 15ohms from 1-3 and 2-3, so 2 coils with wire 3 as common wire, and assumed that 4-5-6 are phase B.. wrong I got wire 4-5 30ohm, 5-6 30ohm, 4-6 30ohm. very confused.

More reading:

wire 3-1/2/4/5/6/ 15 ohm, wire 1-4/5/6 30 ohm wire 2-4/5/6 30 ohm

What king of stepper it is ?


Picture? What role did it have? How old a drive?

Picture? What role did it have? How old a drive?


Old: early 80´, 5.25 seagate hard drive
Motor moving the actuator arm, from the write/read head
Size 4.4 cm X 2 cm

Picture, I considered the yellow wire as wire 3.




Got some more info… over the forum.
All time I was searching for label code over google.
Last search was “seagate stepper”… bingo 1st result link was:

MarkT, thanks for your time, you did the right answer 2 years ago. :slight_smile:


Just one question,. On older topic you say "unipolar will be the simplest, but not the best", what is the best way to deal with this 5 phase motor ?

Thanks again.