help to make prayer time clock by arduino and dot matrix display

i have this material :
3 x dot matrix display
1 x arduino uno

and arduino library :
1-prayer time library
2-DMD library

i want to build project like this video
1- Waktu Sholat - YouTube
2-Jadwal sholat p10 - YouTube
3-Jws p10 biru - YouTube
4-Running Text Jadwal Sholat Untuk Masjid/Musholla - YouTube

Any one help me for wiring and Program code
I would be grateful to him

i want also make same project


Are you looking for Paid Support or Free Support?

Is this the dot matrix display you intend to use ?
The documentation is a bit vague about the 5 volt supply required but you will certainly need an additional power source.
One of the videos shows the display being driven with an Arabic font. Is this a requirement ?

yes arabic font
and 8x8 dot matrix display using max 7219