Help to power a camera shutter with 12v ac adapter

I have a remote bluetooth camera shutter that i have connected to a ardurino. The Remote have it’s own 3.7v batteri to power it but i want to use 12v ac adapter instead.

How to i accomplice this.

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First answer - DON’T.
Not until you know WHAT you’re doing and WHY.

Draw out and list as much detail as you can, then we’ll ask more questions.

Eventually, there MAY be an easy way to help you out.

Good answer! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The project that i am working on is a textile scanner.

I have 8 led strips that turnes on and off individually and take a picture with an iPhone each time a led strip is turned on.

Led strips that i using is 12v and the ac adapter that powers all eight led strips is this ac adapter.

But the bluetooth camera shutter that i am using have it’s own battery and i would like both ledstrip and remote to use same power supply.

Image below is remote.

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Show complete schematics and include details on parts used and whatever code you have done.

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