Help to project

Can someone help me?
I am new in arduino.
Can someone structure me a code?
I want to do a parking lot model, i have a stepper motor, a button, two HC SR04, two leds (one green and other red) and a display.
I want the stepper model to open 90º when when i press the button. And to close when the HC SR04 doesn't detect the car. The green led is always green, turning to red when the car is in the parkin lot (detect by HC SR04 number 2).

How do you have all this wired and how are you powering it?

You may study the IPO model before starting with coding.

Who could have imagined it?

It rather seems you want someone to do it for you...
School Homework probably

I pretend to power with Arduino 5v

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Should i use librarys?

You may run some tutorials for the sensors and actuators to learn how they work.
You can come back if you have some items to be discussed.

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