help to remove the need to have the keypad shield in a program

My problem is simple.

I downloaded a code from the internet capable of resuscitating an arcade board that stopped working due to losing its battery, more precisely a suicidal CPS2 with the game Marvel Super Heroes.

The program requires that I have lcd and keypadshield, I only have the lcd.

I would like someone to help me modify the code so that the program will select my game (MSHB) and send the data to the board automatically without me needing the keypadshield.

I would not like to spend money on a keypadshield to try something that may not even work because the game board was damaged by the leakage of the battery contents, I cleaned and repaired some damaged tracks but nothing guarantees me that this board will come back to life.

ArcadeHacker_CPS2.ino (66.4 KB)


ArcadeHacker_CPS2.ino (65.8 KB)