HELP; Trying to use a PING distance sensor to turn on Dotstar led strip

I am a begginer to arduino and coding in the program, I recently used a PING distance sensor to power a single LED pin on and off wired to a breadboard
this was the code for that

const int pingPin = 11;
int distThresh;
unsigned int duration, inches;
int ledPin = 13;
void setup()
pinMode (ledPin, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
pinMode(pingPin, OUTPUT); // Set pin to OUTPUT
digitalWrite(pingPin, LOW); // Ensure pin is low
digitalWrite(pingPin, HIGH); // Start ranging
delayMicroseconds(5); // with 5 microsecond burst
digitalWrite(pingPin, LOW); // End ranging
pinMode(pingPin, INPUT); // Set pin to INPUT
duration = pulseIn(pingPin, HIGH); // Read echo pulse
inches = duration / 74 / 2; // Convert to inches
//Serial.println(inches); // Display result
delay(200); // Short delay
distThresh = map(analogRead(A0), 325, 400, 0, 121);
// if pingPIN >= threshold amount (how close to sensor)
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);

I am now trying to use the sensor to power on a single adafruit LED strand, I have tried to add it into the strand test that turns the lights on but it just turns on half the lights and is not triggered by the motion at all. If anyone has ever done anything simliar please help, I am struggling to figure this out for a gallery opening