Help turning objects into sound triggers

I want to take 4-5 objects, hook each up to a motion sensor, and have each produce a different designated sound or sentence when they are touched or picked up. The idea just popped in my mind, so I will begin doing research and add any useful information I find, but I need help. I do not know where to start, what I need, or how to connect everything through my Arduino uno. Thanks.

add rfid tags in the objects and let the arduino recognize them. Let the sound be a function of the RFID serial number and anything that has a RFID becomes a musical instrument.

e.g. RFID = "1234" plays do re mi fa or C D E F :slight_smile:

Have you used a RFID tag before? Which do you recommend? I have not and am trying to figure out how and if they could work for my school project. Ideally I want to have a row of dolls and stuffed animals that when picked up or touched trigger a sound (I really want sentences). Could I place the RFID on the back of the doll, so when the doll is picked up it faces the Arduino to trigger the sound, or will the RFID set off the Arduino simple by being in the same vicinity, if so can you adjust the radius?

I am also wondering about producing the sound itself. Is the Arduino enough or do I need to set up a MIDI controller, speaker, or some other method I am not aware of.

I have use RFID tags before for identifiying 2000+ persons to get access to a system. These tags were quite pricey and included a photo ID.

I recommend you just buy a set from Sparkfun and play with it, to learn their “behaviour”. The most important limitation (or strength:) of an RFID it the range which is rather small (<10 cm / 4 inches). You cannot adjust the radius (not true but rather difficult for a beginner.

Arduino can play simple sounds, and the more you pay for shields etc the better the sounds becomes :wink: Your requirements. You can start with the tone library which is free.


This question interested me too. Thanks.