Help understanding a term

what does Gout mean in this data sheet?


"Gate Out"
page 3 table 1.

yeah I've seen that, but it also shows it connected to a mosfet powering a solinoid. shurley the driver could power a solinoid? And why couldnt I power a solinoid straight from the arduino? and more to the point do i have to use it?

And why couldnt I power a solinoid straight from the arduino?

Just about every solenoid I've ever seen has a current rated in amperes.
The output pin of an Arduino can source or sink 40 milliamperes maximum.

An H-bridge also allows you to control direction, with a simple digital output pin alone can't.

Sorry, I ment via a mosfet!

It says at the top "End applications include head positioners (CDROM or
disk drive), camera focus motors, and camera shutter solenoids." I guess that the Gout is ment for the solinoid and the bridge for the auto focus. But i still dont understand the reason for having the driver drive the mosfet when it could be driven from the micro!

If you've got a device like a camera, you may have a very low supply voltage, maybe only 3V.
Power MOSFETs (even "logic" ones) require quite high voltages to drive them into saturation, and 3V simply won't do it.

The boost circuits in this device provide up to 12V to drive an external MOSFET, allowing you to use even non-logic devices.

Ahh fair enough! Cheers