help ! uploading prog into arduino wirelessly via xbee

i am use using arduino pro mini and a pair of xbee pro s1. is there any way i can upload a program into arduino via xbee (wireless).

i have tried many websites like Wireless Arduino programming « John's Ramblings
Xbee Adapter - wireless Arduino programming
Let's Make Robots - RobotShop Community
i followed closely but nothing seems to work. help!

I tried all those methods too, and you’re right that nothing seems to work, so forget trying to do it with XBee. That’s my advice.

The Pro-Mini loads sketches from the serial port when it is connected to the FTDI BASIC. It loads the sketches and then the Pro-Mini resets because the DTR pin of the FTDI BASIC is connected to the RESET
pin through a 0.1 uF cap. (see attached). Have you been able to get the xbee to send the sketch ?
If you connect the output of the FTDI BASIC to the xbee instead of the Pro-Mini, does it send anything ?
Maybe the problem is that the Pro-Mini isn’t RESETing because the Xbee doesn’t have a DTR pin .

xbee pinout

Maybe you can add some circuitry to simulate the DTR signal from the FTDI BASIC .

Arduino-Pro-Mini-schematic.pdf (37.4 KB)

This is discussed in the links he gave in reply#2. And even with the reset wired up properly, the transfers are plain unreliable. Been there, done that, it's unreliable, period.