help USB/COM driver (uno r3 clone from joy-it)

Hi everybody,

I was given a clone uno r3 from joy-it, for a robotics project.

The problem is that I fail to install the USB driver on win10.

Even when giving the path to the driver folder to windows (C:\programfiles(x86)\arduino\drivers) all I get is "didn't find any appropriate driver in this folder)

I then supposed that it required special drivers since it's a clone and not an official arduino, but after hours of research, I don't seem to find anything.

The card is equiped with ATmega328p-pu and mega16u2 if this can be of any relevance.

Thank you in advance for your help. I'm quite desesperate at this point... I already haven't much time, this isn't helping :/

EDIT : only doc I can find is this :

I don't speak german but for what I can understand form the first doc, I need to install the driver ch341. So that's what I tried to do, without success...The installation doesn't seem to change anything.


Post screenshot from Device Manager and, if present, detailed information about the device, mainly Hardware ID

Check this. May be the same problem.