HELP - USB MIDI Device to Control an Effect Plugin in Cubase


This is a coding/setup question. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

I have assembled a device meant to control the “SSL E Channel Waves Plugin” in Cubase. For those who don’t know, it is audio recording software. I used a MIDI Controller build as a template and then made some adjustments. I am using 11 digital buttons, 8 of which are connected to a (74HC4051) and 19 encoder pots, 16 of which are connected to two separate (74HC4051). All of these are connected to the Arduino Uno.

I would like to use the USB port from the Arduino Uno to connect to it my computer and send MIDI messages, without using a MIDI connector. I am novice at coding so I am unaware of exactly what to write. In addition, I don’t know if I would need a specific driver/firmware/concerter so that when I connect my Arduino’s USB to my computer, it recognizes the MIDI messages in my audio software and is functional.

I have attached my coding to view below. Again, any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

SSL_TEST_2.ino (8.25 KB)

USB MIDI Coding SSL.pdf (40.6 KB)

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An Arduino UNO is not the right tool for the job, it doesn't have native USB support. There are ways to get it working, but it's a pain.

Read this: MIDI over USB

A more modern alternative to Hiduino could be USBMidiKlik, but I haven't tried it myself yet.



Did you ever get this working, I am in the process of building a plugin controller myself with the Mega R3 board.

Did you have a look at the Control Surface library linked to in my previous reply?

ok its good, but you need use ARDUINO MEGA.

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