Help use this motor driver

Hello, as we are in quarantine and no shops are open :smiley: I want to use this motor driver which was for a simple robot I had years ago, instead of L298 Motor Driver. can anyone tell me how can I use this I mean what pins do what or if anyway that I can figure out by "trial and error". I just know VCC and GND as they are written on the board :D. thank you in advance for your help.

I want to use this motor driver

I see no motor driver


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It looks like a transistor version of an H-bridge ?

It also looks quite old so there may not be any documentation for it either.

However if you look at some of the home-brew transistor schematics available from google you may be able to reverse engineer it.


I see no motor driver

This board on the top with 8 transistors which connects to 2 5V motors is a motor driver I guess. I could program this whole board to turn each motor on clockwise or anticlockwise or off in different situations.