Help using an 800X600 Touch LCD with Arduino

I have some Xybernaut Atigo M (DT375) wireless panels that have a 800X600 color LCD touch screen. Currently these are running Win CE .net 4.2

I was wondering if it would be possible to use these touch screen panels in conjunction with an Arduino? If these is someone out there willing to test and send back instructions, I would be willing to supply a set-up for propose of testing.

Let me know your thoughts.


Link to a datasheet please?

The shortest path I am thinking of is to program win CE to use its serial port to talk with arduino (with proper circuit for voltage adjustment). But I am warning you that win ce is as old as the internet so there might be few that can support you in terms of programming.

Unless you are a hardcore programmer and have access to a ARM-based board or an FPGA, forget using those LCD displays.

Your best bet is installing Labview and have a look here:

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