HELP!! using arduino and stepper motors

Good day everyone!

I'm just a newbie in using arduino and i'm now having a hard time working on my project which is about interfacing arduino and stepper motors.

Basically my project goes like this:

I have an object tracker program in my computer coded in visual c++ (with the aid of opencv library). This object tracker specifically detects a red ball (size of a pingpong ball) from the realtime capture of a webcam (with 640x480 resolution) and is able to store in a text file the coordinates of the ball (x,y) as it moves across in the image frame. So far, i've already done this part.

Now my goal is to, in realtime, be able to control/move two stepper motors concurrently through arduino based on the coordinates obtained from the object tracker program. Two stepper motors will be used (one for the x coordinate and one for the y coordinate). After which i will attach a low cost laser pointer in the stepper motors.

In a nutshell, my project shall be able to track a (moving/still) red ball as it is being detected in the camera by a laser pointer through the mechanism of the stepper motors and arduino.

i've done some research, and i've learned so far that in order to send data (coordinates) from the computer to the arduino is through serial communication.

I would like to ask any kind of help that you can give as to where i begin working on the arduino until i get it how to work with the stepper motors.


Using two RC servos for pan and tilt would be the simpler, cheaper option (~$20) here. You wouldn't get great precision though.

If you want to go the stepper route try for both the motor and driver. Without knowing how you intend to mechanically control the pointer with your steppers it's a little difficult to suggest a motor size or driver. Also, while you can control the angular position of a stepper motor very precisely you will need a way to move the motors to a reference position or, using OpenCV, identify the location of the laser dot.