Help -Using Arduino with an LED sign and music


first of all, i am really happy to find a really good forum about arduino and possibly everything i need to know to start a project i m really into the idea of making.

The only problem is that my knowledge of arduino and processing is pretty basic. I hope one or several nice souls will be for helping me and giving advices.

I m working on the project of an installation using a LED number display sign with music. To make myself clear, the screen will have two lines : each one displaying a counter with a different rhythm. The music will follow the two counters : the slowest tempo will for example the base sound and the fastest one could be a melody.

That's the idea of the installation. Now what i need to know is how i could make that happen. I ve seen someone synchronizing a led sign according to a music but not the opposite. I guess it s quite a similar thing. If someone could help me. I live in nyc so someone in the area could be fantastic otherwise everyone around the world is more than welcome to give me an hand ;) ps : the work will be paid as much as i can with my student savings ;)

Welcome to the world of making.

I think you have to refine your ideas a bit more. Exactly what is the arduino going to produce / generate. The arduino is an embedded controller and as such has a limited amount of memory both for storage and program. It sounds to me like you want it to generate the sound, it is not easy to do this. Controlling LEDs and matrix displays is more in the line of what can be done with this processor.

I would advise that you look at the playground and tutorials and have a go at some of the things so you get a feel for what can be done before embarking on something over ambitious. It's much better to understand something and then create it by your self than waving a vague idea and trying to get someone to implement it. Most of us, while more than willing to help, are also perusing our own dreams and projects.

Good luck, it's a good journey.

well i thought about arduino for this project by seeing someone s work using it in a quite of similar way : synchronizing a led sign with the beat of a music.

Basically the sound will be programmed we re working on logic already to compose something but we prefer the idea of a communication between the led sign and the music itself instead of just playing the music on itunes and switching on the led sign if you see what i mean.

i understand and i know that it s better to do things entirely myself but when you can t you can t and there are already gifted people here available so...but that s my view point anyway.