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Hey guys. I'm new here, so sorry if my question looks stupid but I really need some help. I am trying to use DS1302 RTC as clock (I use clock to control sim module). It still works when I test. But when combined with the sim module code, it doesn't work.


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When you show code, then please show a complete sketch as text between lines with three backslash-single-quotes.

Your sketch

To get an idea of what you have, we need to know more.
What is a sim module ? How is it connected and which library do you use ?
Which Arduino board do you use ?
Can you make a drawing of everything that is connected ?

The DS1302 has a bad and clumsy interface. Some libraries work, some don't. Some modules with a DS1302 have a bad crystal.

Can you use a DS3231 module ?
Some modules are supposed to have a rechargeable battery, but those modules over-charge the batter when used with 5V.
A module with a DS3231 without charging circuit and normal battery is best.

Thank you
I use 800L . sim module
I use arduino uno R3
Rx sim module - pin 11 arduino
Tx sim module - pin 10 arduino
The problem is that when testing each module, it works properly. But when combined, the DS1302 does not work. Currently I cannot change the ds1302 module.
CE pin - Arduino Digital 7
I/O pin - Arduino Digital 6
SCLK pin - Arduino Digital 5
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Perhaps that library is not okay. Some libraries do the signals wrong. Perhaps the SoftwareSerial interferes with the DS1302 library.

Could you try another library ?
This one has the most stars on Github, it is in the Library Manager:

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