Help using FireBase app


I am trying to follow the directions on how to use firebase with my arduino project. I basically want to take the webserver example and be able to access it from a network not dirrectly connected to the modume the aurdino is connected to, and would also like to be able to access a graft on the data collected.

The instructions I am following are from

I am trying to install the firebase php master zip file from gibhub but for some reason i'm having a hard time figuring out why it isn't installing correctly. I downloaded the zip, and uncompressed it, then took the extra folder out and added it to the arduino library located in my documents, and it shows up on the import section on the arduino IDE, but it doesn't add any files to the sketch when I click import, and the master file doesn't show up in the examples section, where as every library that I have downloaded in the past came with a few examples.

I tried to read the "read me" file, but I can't open it for some reason. It says I need to search for an app to open it with. Can someone tell me if they have the same problem with this?

Did you restart the IDE?

Yes, when I restarted it thats when it showed up in the import library section. But it still doesn't add a file when I click it, and nothing shows up in the examples section.