help using GY-521 Gyro

Hi All,

I have one of these GY-521 things, but I need help, all the examples on the net seem to replicate the excellent teapot, however we want to do something simpler (we thought)

We have a two wheeled robot connected to our gyro vial a bluetooth module. All is well and we can transfer the values from the Gyro to the robot.

Our robot has two wheels driven by a motor-shield using PWM values from 0-255 for each wheel.

However we cannot seem to settle on a set of values to help us steer our robot.

We simply want to move the controller: up ( speed up) down (slow down), roll left ( turn left) roll right (turn right).

We have tried all of the teapot sample values, Pitch/Role/Yaw and Quaternions etc, but they don't seem to provide anything helpful, sometime the number values seem to change scale!

I note in the Processing teapot sample, it seems to use to extra library (fromAxisAngle) which it 'applies' to the values it gets.

Would really appreciate some help, we thought this bit would be easy after seeing Teapot!