help using ne5532p sound amplifier

im trying to amplify the tone generate from arduino just for a simple siren and i have this

that was from the radioshack kit

but im unsure how to set up the circut

That's not a "power amplifier" chip. It might be capable of driving headphones, but it won't drive a speaker. You need a power amplifier to drive a speaker/horn.

If you don't need a volume control, and you are using an Arduino digital output pin, you can use a "digital" [u]transistor[/u] or MOSFET circuit instead of a linear audio amplifier. (It would be a good idea to put a capacitor in series with the speaker to block DC.)

What kind of speaker do you have, and what's the application? Do you have any idea of how much amplifier power you need? (A car or home alarm siren would probably be 10 or 20 Watts with an efficient horn speaker.)

It would be easier to buy a [u]small amplifier[/u], or you could buy an [u]amplifier board/module[/u].

If you want to build your own amplifier, the [u]LM386[/u] is a popular low-power power amplifier chip. Or check out [u][/u] for a selection of power amp chips. Follow the recommended circuits from the manufacturer's datasheet for any particular part.

its going to be used for a rc car horn and siren so i dont need anything too large