Help using Sensoduino for data acquisition

Hi guys.
I´m working on a project that requires to acquire some data from an Android device.
I´m also using a HC-05 Bluetooth module to communicate with the Android device and to upload sketches without the need of an USB cable.

I've already configured the HC-05 BT module to upload sketches and it works very nicely.
Now I'm running Sensoduino paired with the HC-05 to obtain some data.

The problem is when I try to make a serial connection within Arduino IDE so I can visualize the Sensoduino data, it gives me an error saying that COM5 (serial port of Arduino+HC-05) is busy.

So I can´t see the incoming data from Sensoduino.

For the record, I'm powering the Arduino Mega 2650 from external power (+5V), with no USB connection whatsoever. I wanted a wireless communication solution.

The scheme I'm using is something like this:

Is there something I'm missing?
I would very much appreciate the help guys. I've been around this problem for some time without success.