Help Validate Arduino High Altitude Balloon Logger with Eagle Flight Computer

Hey Arduino community,

I'm hoping to borrow an Eagle Flight Computer to validate my Arduino data logger accuracy for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

My name is Aaron and I'm a high school student in San Diego. My balloon journey started in my 9th grade physics class and has since shaped who I am today. When my teacher presented the project in 9th grade, and showed us past images with only estimations of the altitude, I saw this as an opportunity to use my love of Arduino to solve this problem.

I've since devoted my time for the last two years building better versions of my initial unit. I've posted two on Instructables and they have 45,000 views combined and have won First Prize and Grand Prize awards. Check one out here: Aaron Hab Data Logger Instructable

Now, I'm working with an Elsevier academic journal to publish my newest version. With this higher level, I need to validate my data / prove the accuracy of the device.

I'm wondering if anyone has an Eagle Flight Computer that they would be willing to lend me for a flight next week. My team has launched 30 balloons and has recovered 28 of these. I can pick up the Eagle from anywhere in SoCal or pay to have it shipped. I will pay to replace it if we lose or break it.

Thank you so much,