Help verifying size of .hex file - ASAP

So the lab notes is asking what "How many bytes in size is the binary sketch (i.e. the .hex file) of the compiled version of the simplest (and correct!) 'Blink' demo program? You can find this information from the Teensy Loader IDE - go to the "Help" menu and click on the "Verbose Information" selection. You can find a sample of the 'Blink' program from within the Arduino IDE - go to File -> Examples -> Teensy -> Tutorial1.

I'm getting 13224 bytes from

18:38:45: Teensy Loader 1.27, begin program
18:38:45: File "Blink.pde.hex". 13224 bytes, 5% used

And it's wrong, there are no other numbers. I also tried multiplying that number x20 (5x20=100), not right. Helpppp!