[Help] Voltage Bluetootg Monitor Project for Electric Skateboard

Hi, I am relatively new to Arduino, and know some basic code. I wanted to create a new project to help me learn a bit and to make something useful.

The Objective- I want to view the voltage from a LiPo or Liion battery up to 60v and wirelessly transmit the data to my controller. On the controller I either want for LED’s that tell me how much battery is left, or an OLED percentage display.

How I Think It Can Be Done- I need to monitor the voltage somehow, preferably through the balance leads. There are all ready voltage monitors that plug onto the balance leads on an LiPo or Liion like [this one](http://Floureon 2 Packs RC Lipo Battery Monitor Alarm Tester Checker Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm with LED Indicator for 1-8S Lipo LiFe LiMn Li-ion Battery). They are only up to 8s and I would like up to 12s (if possible) So then how do I output the readings wirelessly (Bluetooth) to a receiver in the controller, and then interpret the reading into either LED indicators or and OLED / LCD screen.

Thanks for the help! Its greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: