[Help] Voltage Bluetootg Monitor Project for Electric Skateboard

Hi, I am relatively new to Arduino, and know some basic code. I wanted to create a new project to help me learn a bit and to make something useful.

The Objective- I want to view the voltage from a LiPo or Liion battery up to 60v and wirelessly transmit the data to my controller. On the controller I either want for LED’s that tell me how much battery is left, or an OLED percentage display.

How I Think It Can Be Done- I need to monitor the voltage somehow, preferably through the balance leads. There are all ready voltage monitors that plug onto the balance leads on an LiPo or Liion like this one. They are only up to 8s and I would like up to 12s (if possible) So then how do I output the readings wirelessly (Bluetooth) to a receiver in the controller, and then interpret the reading into either LED indicators or and OLED / LCD screen.

Thanks for the help! Its greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: