Help w/ IR transmiting from PC

What I am trying to do is use my Uno to send a IR signal to my tv video selector to change video source. I have been able to capture all of the IR signals and I have been able to transmit them in a loop to change the video source.

What I need help with is launching the IR signal command from my PC preferably a .bat file. I would like to be able to launch a .bat file and it send the appropriate IR signal to change the video source.

Is is possible to send a command from PC and have the Arduino transmit that IR, basically using it as an IR Blaster?

thanks for any help or a point in the right direction.

I havnt done any of it, but I think what you want is serial connection to your computer (via usb). Then your computer can send data to your duino, and it can send the IR data.

Thanks, that is exactly what I need. I am just not sure how to set up the software on the PC side. (or even what interface to use with the arduino to accomplish this)

Right now I am trying to see if I can get Maxuino to interface with it.