HELP w/Mega 2560 and USB keyboard/mouse libraries

Hi folks,

I am completely frustrated. I am trying to write a simple program to send a text message to an Ubuntu linux
host. But I seem not to understand the basics. I googled for hours and cannot find the answer.

I must be missing something reaaallly basic here.

I open the KeyboardLogout example, try to compile it and is says:

'Keyboard was not declared in this scope'

I downloaded both 1.0.5 and 1.5.6-r2 versions of the IDE. I searched in the files for a keyboard.h or something
and found nothing. I even grepped for "" in all files with no results. Tried to find those libraries for
download in the site... nothing.

In the example there are no includes... what am I missing?

Also I read that my board may not support those functions with current firmware on the USB controller
Atmel 8u2 . Also I cannot find a way to find out what is the actual microcode under Ubuntu 12.04.

But that is for later... I really want to understand why the example is not compiling first.

By the way, the blink test works fine. So I conclude that IDE is well installed and compiling/uploading the
code with no problems.

Thank you!

I figured it out. Library is not available when compilation target is Mega 2560. Also there is a bug in the IDE
because I tried changing target and compiling but it failed with the same error code. To make it compile I
had to change target to Leonardo and then close the IDE completely, re-open and compile.

Now my question is... how do I compile this library for Mega 2560 --provided that I update USB firmware-- ?