Help wanted in rugby project, cash money waiting!

Hi guys,

Patrick here, I need someone to advise and write a programme to do this :

This is a scrum sled :

This video may help explain what im trying to do, fast forward to 0.50secs.

I want the coach to push a button, audio file will then be played..."Touch....Pause......Engage" Once engage is said, a timing sequence is then started, measuring the time for a player to make contact with the scrummage sled, stopping the sequence in turn via limit switch.

The time will then be displayed on a LCD Screen for 15seconds and then deleted. This is the end of the sequence.

PaulS, i hope ive answered your queries as much as possible, im new to this and working under pressure.
Lidur, I understand that, thats fair enough.

Is there anyway someone could write thsi for payment in exchange via paypal or something? is that allowed on this forum? As long as it doent break the bank!
Once again, any input is appreciated

measuring the time for a player to make contact with the scrummage sled,

This might be tricky, or can you put the limit switch somewhere that moves when they hit the pads but that is not in the way.

You can probably use a wave shield or some such to play audio from an SD card.


Hi Rob, Yes, a limit switch will be installed that is not in the way of anything, do you know if Radionics online do the wave shield?

You could use an air pressure sensor to detect when the pad is hit; you wouldn't need to know the absolute pressure but rather just when a spike of pressure occurs. You'd just need a small tube tapped into the back of the pad.

Chagrin, thats an excellent idea, thanks for that, makes much more sence

Have you found someone to write the code?
I'm willing.