Help: Wearable Lilypad arduino + wifly communication

Hi there,
I am trying to make a wearable piece communicate wirelessly and respond to analog sensor data through MaxMSP. I have never worked with the Arduino Lilypad before and I am trying to a) turn it on, b) have it communicate via my WiFly breakout board (RN131C) to my program in MaxMSP. I am wondering how I should stack the parts? Do I need the FTDI basic breakout even though it outputs to a usb port? I have looked on the lilypad forums and Leah’s lilypad page and I haven’t found guidance/documentation of Lilypads communicating through wifi. I know many Lilypad projects have been paired with xbees in the past but what about wifi? Visually the Wifly board doesn’t seem compatible with the Lilypad, there’s no way to connect the parts - the pins don’t line up. But again, I am a novice with wearables (I usually work with standard arduinos)

Any leads/guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

You can use wires like these the ends slide into these housings

and connect pins of one board to pins of the other.

Yes, thanks. I will look into obtaining these, but I think I need some other piece or battery to power the lilypad. The wifly module won't power the lilypad, right?

Don't know - do you have link to it?