Help! Where can I buy ATmega328p?

I need some help guys,

I am looking for ATmega328p chips, TQFP32 version, with boot loader of Arduino Uno burned in it. Does anybody know where I can by this chip?

I tried to burn the boot loader myself into a standard(blank) ATmega328p(TQFP32) IC from Farnell, but unfortunately I am not lucky to get it working. I tried it in the same way as described in

I can not use the DIP version as I have small space on my pcb.

Thank you in advance for your help. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


I think you are out of luck in that regard...Chips have to be put into a circuit to program and that is kind of hard to do without soldering them down...
Perhaps you should look at your board and make sure everything is properly connected. If you have thinkgs connected properly - and you can verify that by learning how to use AVRDude from the command line - and if the process doesn't return errors, then the chip should be programmed. Try loading a sketch through a programmer and see if it runs. Got any LEDs you can flash? does the board have serial output? load a sketch tat sends data out the serial port to make sure your serial connections are correct.

Thank you your for your suggestion.

The instruction how to burn the bootloader seems very easy and straight forward but it is not working. I followed the wiring exactly as below. Of course in my case I have the TQFP32 version with minimum connection. But I get always error few seconds I hit the "burn bootlader" button (avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0xd0) But this hexadecimal number seem random; I get different a number every time I hit the button.

Well, of course I don't want solder the IC on the PCB before I know the bootlaoder is working. But now I have just order this TQFP32-to-DIP32 converter for the convince. It is much easier to have this adapter also for future use.

So, I don't give up yet:-)


If your design has IO pins, an offboard programmer can be connected to download the bootloader.
The programmer needs a way to connect to D11-D12-D13, +5, Gnd, and Reset.
Can be a dedicated set of pins, or you can use a cable adapter to connect to the pins.

The adapters like you show are quite pricey.

Hey, thank you for your suggestion.

Yeah, you are right, in general this kind of adapter is not very cheap, but you can find one on ebay for 30-40 USD. I just want to burn the bootloader before the chip (TQFP32) is soldered on the PCB, because I have no intension to place a 3x2 header on the PCB for connecting D11, D12, D13, +5, GND, and Reset.

So, I have already ordered the adapter; and now I have to wait. In the mean time I can make the schematic and the routing for the PCB.

It is strange that the chip with bootloader is no where to find. Any idea?


Finding that chip with a bootloader is hard because very, very, very few people use them as a standalone chip. The DIP package is almost universally preferred.
Sounds like a potential business opportunity for you if you figure out an easy way to program them - you might sell 3-5 of them a year...

"3-5 of them a year"

Yes, most just program them via the pins on the board.
Doesn't need to be a dedicated header, you just need to be able to wire from the programmer to the 6 needed pins.

Look at a Promini - no programming header, just the pins: D13,12,11, +5, Gnd, Reset.

Hi CrossRoads,

Yes, I think I will do as you say. I mean: be able to have access later to those 6 pins without dedicated header. It is always wise having access to these pins if the chip will be soldered on the PCB.

Thanks for pointing out this.

I have no intension to place a 3x2 header on the PCB

You don't need to solder the header, just have the holes. You just press the header against the holes when you burn the bootloader.


Hi - I program QFP-32s here, never thought there would be a demand for bootloaded QFP 328's. I think i've got 2 left (I'll check the workshop tomorrow) and a few 8s as well, I'm going to order a few more tomorrow. Any-one who needs them, or wants me to bootload them just PM me.

For now I would like to buy few Uno bootloaded ATmega328p chips with TQFP32. But in general, I want to burn the bootloader self into the blank chip. That is why I have ordered this TQFP32-to-DIP32 adapter for ease. So please let me know if you find some spare chips you can miss. Do you have a website? Thanks.

You don't need to solder the header, just have the holes. You just press the header against the holes when you burn the bootloader.

I totally agree with you; and I will do that. It will not be real a good design if I left out this option. :slight_smile: