Help! Which one do I buy?

Hello, I want to made ambient lighting for my room. I was going to make 16" Led bars, and I'm going to have around 15 bars(or less) I'l be looking at the colour pulsing randomaly and such. Which Arduino device do I buy??? This one Arduino Mega Or this one Arduino Duemilanove

I'l be waiting for replies.

P.s I might want to make lighting from my T.v I.E getting each side of the screen to represent a wall in my room. For example top of the screen behind the tv, left and right is the left and right wall.

Thank you. :)

Here is the links Arduino Duemilanove Arduino Mega

Am I limited to the number of LED strips? I need an answer so I can buy it tonight.

Start with the Duemilanove, once you grow out of that you can always move up from there, plus then you will understand the different types of Duino's better and probably have a firmer idea of what you want to accomplish. ;)

Thanks, With that one am I limited to LED strips or can I put one output to abreadboard and have 15 strips connected to that?

If you're talking 15 individually controlled "strips" then you will need something like:

To be able to individually control that many efficiently, also take a look at the 27 LED cube they mention on there, the method they use will probably give you some ideas. Keep in mind the max current draw on a pin is 40mA. 8-)

Cheers, Nah I didn't want them individualy controlled so I guess the Arduino Duemilanove would be fine as I would only need one output pin to controll them all with an extra board. Just need confirmation now on what I just said lol Then I will buy :-/

For individual control, the 74HC259 chips might do the job as they are latching multiplex chips. These probably can be controlled by a serial latching chip.

I'm completly new to this. For me it's either 19.99 Or 39.99 Arduino MEga

These are the things I want to create. 1st project : 2nd project: and hopefuly

I just need to know which should I go for so I can learn alot with minimal cost outcome. :-/ thanks

Or I can get the 19.99 for the LED strips and the 39.99 one for the future when I want to make a 3d type hologram.

Then I can keep my controller for the strips.

Is this right? :-?

Those are very doable with the Duemilanove (except for maybe the last one :D ). You gotta learn to start small, be patient and work your way up though! Take a look at these tutorials:

^The linked one is pretty applicable to you, keep in mind a lot of the things in the videos such as the pulsing lights to the music and RGB LED PWM control are much more complicated then they look ;)

Okay, I'l buy the 19.99 one. ;D